Video Project on Mummification

Studies on Ancient Egypt in History Class

We are proud to showcase the talents and achievements of our History students in Year 7 who have recently completed a fascinating project on mummification. As part of their studies, our students delved into the ancient Egyptian practice of mummification and created lovely videos showcasing the 10 step process. These three videos (Group 1,  Group 2, and Group3) not only demonstrate our students' creativity and technical skills, as the first cohort that was fully equipped with iPads at the beginning of the school year, but also provide a unique insight into the culture and history of one of the world's most fascinating civilizations. 

Big or small part, in front or behind the camera, all students worked diligently to research, plan, and execute their videos, highlighting the intricacies of each step in the mummification process. From the purification of the body with natron to the placement of offerings in the tomb, our students brought the process to life, providing an engaging and memorable learning experience in a subject that is otherwise often perceived as boring or outdated by students. 

At Heinrich-Heine-Gymnasium, we place great emphasis on bilingual education and offer a wide range of classes that allow students to develop their language skills alongside their academic knowledge (e.g. Geography, Art, Drama). Our Year 7 History class is just one example of how we integrate language learning into our curriculum to provide a comprehensive and engaging learning experience for our students.