English reading competition

Today we wanted to find the best English reader of year 7.

The nine winners of the class competitions had to read two rounds in front of other students in the assembly hall. The audience was very quiet during the competition. The following students took part: Zehra Ebady, Aaron Former, Paula Frenz, Leon Gustafsson, Julius Helbig, Natascha Holmer, Dorna Mirzazadeh, Ruben Sommer and Pauline Spreen 

The jury were some students of year 11: Annika Kressel, Fenja Saß, Stella Lorenzen, Clara Collewuie and last year’s winner, Isabell Kotrba of year 8. 

In the first round each reader had to introduce the chosen text. The text was chosen by the reader him-/herself. It could be an extract of a book like Harry Potteror Wallace & Gromitor just a text from our school book. Each reader had practised reading their part before. They all read the 3 minutes with good emphasis. 

In the second round each reader got a part of the book The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. This was an unknown text for the students. 

Between the two rounds and after all readings were little breaks. After the last break, the winners were announced: 

In third place is Natascha Holmer. 

In second place is Julius Helbig. 

In first place and the best year 7 English reader of 2018 is Leon Gustafsson. 


Each of these three students won a voucher by “Buchhandlung Clauder” in Duvenstedt.